Can You Gain Weight by Overeating on Healthy Food? Check Out the Results of This 6 Week Experiment


This was an experiment that proved interesting for maintaining weight while overeating high-grade food for 6 weeks. Sometimes, we all know that too many good things get bad. So, in this example, most people will gain weight if they are violent in poorly healthy food for 6 weeks, but it will prove whether you can gain weight if you eat too much healthy food , This experiment stands out

I just want to clarify that I can actually eat something in this experiment, but still I can not get an attractive magical physical strength. There are two main rules in this experiment, but I will emphasize below

Anyway, according to the rules followed by my fitness friends, based on 6 weeks, the weight is exactly the same as 6 weeks ago He increased his food intake. I will not touch in detail, but there are two rules he adhered to:

Rule 1:

All foods are raw natural foods. Overeating includes only health foods, not including pasta, rice, normal bread, and grain. And there are no fried food, cookies, no cakes. He can eat everything he wants, but it must be raw and healthy.

The food he ate during the six weeks has lots of raw cheese, yoghurt, whole eggs, virgin coconut oil, olive oil, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables. The meat contains venison and beef.

Rule 2:

Overeating is not a training. He is still intensely training in the gym for 3-4 days a week. He does not exercise more simply by eating more. He exercised the same weight and strength as he had done before starting the 6 week experiment of 6 weeks.

All the points of the experiment were to eat only health foods in excess. The result is very wonderful as it shows that the body is adjusted so that the body maintains caloric balance even if you eat it much more than before. And if you eat health, you can eat more by giving a desire, and your body still shows you to keep your weight. However, this requires not only exercise but more than just eating more.

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