Bulimia Nervosa – A How-To Guide To Defeating Bulimia


Eating disorders are surprisingly common in the Western world. Usually women are affected, but not exclusive – about 5% of cases occur in men. Eating disorders affect women of all ages, but it is especially aura among girls in their teens and 20s. At this age many young ladies are affected by peer pressure & # 39; And images of celebrities (and very thin) celebrities. They aspire to become thin like these roll models and start a dramatic diet. The risk is that diet may become very addictive, which is the case when eating disorders can be a threat.

In common with anorexia, there is a real fear that bulimia patients become fat. To control this, overeating is an overeating session, often secret and taste a sense of self-disgust. This is followed by self-remission of vomiting and / or the use of laxatives or diuretics to help keep them visible "in an acceptable" state. weight. The main difference between anorexia and bulimia is that bulimia patients often stay in normal weight range of height.

If you are worried about binge eating or if you are worried about a person you know, hyperphagia in the long term may cause serious health problems such as heart injury or infertility There is a possibility to cause.

Battle Binge Eating requires courage and perseverance, and is not easy at all. Treatment varies according to individuals and their circumstances.

– low self-esteem
– depression and mood swings
– obsession

When it is deemed that a patient has a problem, the first (and most difficult) control A step back to get back and fight binge eating. The first point of contact for receiving treatment must be a family doctor. They will conduct a physical examination on you and determine the appropriate treatment method.

As soon as a person asks for help, it can be treated easily. Treatment of these bulimia nervoses may constitute a self help manual with the help of a therapist. Other treatments are as follows:

Eating healthy meals – Eating food It is to keep every diary and learn about healthy diet and wise weight management

Prozac's Such default short-term antidepressants. Probably it has been proven that antidepressants reduce tingling and purging because the mood of the suffering has been resolved.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for patients with bulimia as they can face problems that may work through emotion and may develop eating disorders It has been known. The CBT may also teach victims to take a healthier attitude towards food.

If serious health problems occur or there is a danger of suicide or suicide, patients may be hospitalized in rare cases.

Self-help groups can also help recover aid. People who suffer can meet someone who has the same experiences as myself.

Battle Binge Eating is great for the victim, but friends and family can help a lot. Do not criticize or put pressure on the person in question and provide us with customary support. Recovery can be long and difficult, but with commitment and perseverance, it can be achieved.

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