Breaking news: food blogger Leah Itsines has a balanced and healthy eating plan


She is the little sister of the world fitness star, Kayla, with a large number of followers of her own. And now, Adelaide-based food blogger Leah Itsines has launched a healthy eating plan and an e-book, BARE, that stands out. for a balanced and realistic diet. Speaking to FEMAIL when the book is released, Leah exclusively revealed one of the book's recipes, as well as her own approach to food and diet and a typical day on her plate. According to the 22 years The book arose because I wanted to show people how easy it can be to adopt a balanced and delicious approach to eating, without gaining weight or eating unhealthily: "I do not diet in any way," Leah told FEMAIL "Instead, like a very balanced diet of meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables and all the other good things." I find that when people are on a "diet", they talk about losing a large amount of weight in a small period. of time to be restrictive and eliminate important foods from your diet. "I think it's very important to eat in a way that you do not think you're restricting, that you adapt and support your lifestyle." There is no quick solution or a single shoe to eat healthy; instead, you should eat to support your lifestyle and your goals. "The new book presents more than 60 recipes that have been adapted to a four-week meal plan approved by a nutritionist, as well as practical sections on proteins. carbohydrates and fats, and how you can adapt your diet approach, so it's nutritionally sound without being restrictive. " Unfortunately, there is a lot of information out there, and a lot of it is not objectively correct, "explained Leah." Often, many people read and listen to things that are purely speculations and are not. factual – what can do more harm than good. "This was one of the main reasons for publishing my new e-book, BARE." I want to help educate women around the world and provide them with objective nutrition information that allows them to make educated judgments about lifestyle and meals in the kitchen. "The BARE guide is tailored to the Australian National Guide to Healthy Eating." The food blogger based in Adelaide has always had an interest in food. , Leah is a fan of whole foods and fresh ingredients: "For breakfast this morning, I ate at my grandmother's house (so I ate homemade bread, fresh garden tomatoes, olives, feta and two boiled eggs", He said a sandwich, I like slices of sweet potato and zucchini, as well as raw vegetables and spicy hummus.At lunchtime, at 22 years old they love to prepare burrito bowls, from their meal plan. four weeks. "Then, tonight, my family and I are making homemade pizza with whole-grain pita bread as a base, and lots of vegetables, roast chicken, pesto and balsamic glaze." Finally, the food blogger talked about your health and fitness rules, and the workouts you confess: I like to stay active, whether I am walking between 20 and 30 minutes in the morning or in the morning.
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