Body and soul: Reasons for psychological obesity


A miraculous meal helps to lose weight for a while. One month after painful sacrifice, eventually unlock the refrigerator and pack all the delicious groceries you had enjoyed before. You return to your custom, return to your customs and return to your undesirable weight. To keep your body in a desirable shape, the idea of ​​staying in such a diet forever is obviously strange. I do not want to eat anything that someone else instructs to eat. You want to eat what your body wants. It's pretty natural. Therefore, the only way to lose weight with a permanent effect is to teach your body to ask for healthy food.

Correlation between body and mind belongs to the main pillar of alternative medicine. In theory, if you solve the problem in our soul, which is a psychological problem that makes us eat malnourished food abnormally, you should be able to change your eating habits forever with a smile.

What kind of psychological issues do you talk about? Well, it probably depends on the person. Everyone has a unique personality and a unique life.

Increase the texture

If you think that food is a substitute for what is missing in our life, compare it to the problem of classical drug addiction . Instead of focusing on exciting living points and focusing on relationships, careers, or hobbies, drug addicts escape from daily life, run away to solve problems, escape from real life, become exciting feelings . I heard that we are sometimes complaining to people who are overweight: "This thin lady tells us she has forgotten to eat, but how to forget such things However, if you are busy with something that really overwhelms your heart, forgetting to eat it is not really difficult. If you are doing something, concentrating on something your brain occupies, I believe it is worth it. At that moment, you never think about foods naturally. Until you realize that your stomach is seriously hungry for you.

In other words, you need to discover activities that are more meaningful and useful to fill your life


Even if you are busy, I am not making happy. You do not obey your daily routine with passion, you only do things because you have. They chase you at work to your limit, you are never broken, you are hungry, there is no time to eat, it is still shopping, shouting a child, requesting a husband / wife , And when it is finally quiet and everyone is asleep, see until 1 o'clock … and your time will come here. To calm down and relax and forget to come to another morning, you remove all the stress from the shoulder and attack the refrigerator to feel that you are satisfied for at least 30 minutes.

Here, the stress factor that is causing your overall frustration. Changes are necessary in your daily life.


In alternative medicine, it is usually argued that there is a specific emotional problem that causes obesity. To explain in more detail, we will journey a bit to the deepest layer of our spirit and try to understand the meaning of "food" in symbolic symbols.

As everyone needs to eat to survive,

will receive the firstborn food – that is the mother who gives us the first food. The taste of the first food comes along with the feel of the first mother, which plays an essential role. The quiet message of all the mothers raised is basically "I love you, I will take care of you, I will nurture you." In the traditional society, the father had to make sure that there was enough money to buy food, but the mother physically cooked the food and offered it at the family table. When a woman started work at full time, concentrated on career, and lost the time to plan an appropriate family menu, did the Western population become obese over decades?

Fast Food Meal – Pizza slices or hamburgers will not make you fat with one slice. Weight is picked up by poisoning due to overeating and poisoning. Why do we need to eat, eat and eat so that our stomach is never satisfied with its content? Well, probably our body is not satisfied, so the nature of the food we accept – so we are still "hungry".

There is something about food making. In particular, there is something about making food for someone. Many people say, "When I was at home I would not cook.I should I cook for myself? When your family goes out on the weekend you are not alone in the house Perhaps you open the cans of fresh beans and toast two breads and you are done, but if you are preparing meals for your loved ones, or Play more in the way of meals for visiting friends – make sure they enjoy it and can give the chef greater pleasure than watching people enjoying meals There is still a message saying "I like you, I care about you, so I made a wonderful meal," but we do not recognize it.

I believe that when bonds open holes and subconsciousness starts to collapse, they can eat and restore. But, in reality, we are not hungry for food.

Pore on Sore Heart

This category is also about feelings, but in this case we are talking about supercharges that follow the heart Disastrous events in our lives I experienced it. As we believe the sweet taste will balance the bitterness, we feel inside. The solution is to overcome the past, lose feelings of myself, and to renew the heart and mind.


This is primarily for children to do their best. If you can treat yourself in the same way, there is nothing wrong with it. "I am not going to eat this mango, keeping for my little things is very healthy but I am hungry, so I can complete this box of cookies instead" Why I'm trying to teach my children to eat healthy but will it cause inconvenience perfectly to our body about our own dietary life? "It's too good for me", or "I am not worthy of this", or "I do not need to eat health any more, my body is old and anyway I will go to the tomb" These Statement is related to self evaluation and self esteem. We want children to tell us how to look at themselves to live a long, healthy life while denying our own pursuit of healthy longevity. Instead of eating something healthy that might be useful to someone, we will feel guilty. You will feel guilty if you follow the link to the situation when you eat all that remains and discard it in the bin. We do not believe that excessive food that the body does not need will be in vain anyway. Eating it will only turn into a live trash can.

Solution? Love yourself and watch yourself – from inside and outside – make sure your children do not tell you what you do not really do. After all, you want to be a good example for them.

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