Blood type and longevity – Your blood type answer?


Human blood is classified into four types, A, B, AB, and O. Each letter is reflected in one type of antigen or protein on the surface of red blood cells. The percentage of people with these blood types in the United States is as follows:

O – 45%
A – 40%
B – 11%
AB – 4%

population Depending on the cultural composition of the specific section of the country. Various studies have been conducted to show that blood group and lifespan are related. Studies have shown that blood type O has the longest lifespan.

live at about 61.6 years old
AB ………………………. …. 69.5
B & # 39; s ……………………. 78.2
O & # 39; s … … … … ………………. 86.7

People with blood type O have the ability to eat meat protein, have a strong immune system and a strong gastrointestinal tract I will. They react most to stress with intense physical activity. Because they have thin blood, they are less prone to heart disease and are unlikely to clot, but they are prone to ulcers, blood clotting disorders, arthritis, hypothyroidism and allergies. However, people who change the lifestyle of the meal, such as eating potatoes and everyday items, tended not to become arthritis or related diseases. The illness is more painful, but it does not threaten life.

Blood type A responds well to vegetarian diets. They do not properly metabolize saturated fat filled meat and diary products. It is prone to coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, liver and gall bladder disease and may have a fragile immune system. Interestingly, Japan is a country that is consistently dominated by type A and holds a record of a longer life span than any other country in the world. (Male is 78 years old, female is 86 years old) The reason is that they eat according to their blood type. Their staple foods are fish, rice, soy products, green tea. This meal consistently promotes health and provides the greatest possibility to prevent heart disease.

Blood group B group often accepts both meat products and diary products. They live for the second long. They adapt flexibly to a gentle digestive tract, a strong immune system, a new meal and the environment. However, inappropriate metabolism of some specific foods will be intolerable to autoimmune diseases.

Blood type AB has a mixed type of blood types A and B. They have a sensitive digestive system but may have excessive resistant immune system. Research indicates that the lifetime is longer than A and not as long as B.

It is known that the correct diet can prolong the life span of each blood type. As Ben Franklin said, "Prevention of one ounce is better than one pound of healing", foods containing saturated fats, regardless of the blood type, in the long term the body It is known that the possibility of hurting is the highest. In Japan, there is a general belief that human ABO type predicts personality, disposition, compatibility with others. In Japan, the idea of ​​blood type as a personality type is popular, so the Japanese ask "What is your blood type?" What is your zodiac / astrology sign? In short, Type A is believed to be quiet and trustworthy. Type B is creative and excitatory. Type AB is thoughtfully emotional. Type O is a fellow leader.

Science unravels engineers, awakens most, and surprises even though it shows enlightenment. Because the association of this blood group area with longevity requires more research, our entire society will benefit by living a more productive, healthy and longevity.

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