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The best story of job hunting is similar to sales profession. It is almost always time to win with the best story. In the days when your boss was not there were friends with employment managers and the president's picture was embarrassed, but they were in a better position than they did with a great story.

Probably heard it before, about two men hunt. While in the jungle, they happen to eat tigers they have not eaten for several days. The surprised hunters run off with their tigers on their heels. During breathing, one hunter says to the other. "We can not run this tiger." Other hunters replied, "I am not worried about running tigers; I will overtake you."

In most cases recruiters have only one stack of resume and cover letter. I am convinced that I have better qualifications and experience than you. You need to make sure your resume and cover letter are better than yourself with your experience and strength. And keeping the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis article, your career search will end.

My credentials are good, but they got a job. What happened to them? The answer is simple: they made their "homework" in advance. They put a little effort into the process of job hunting. I feel the same look and feel all parts of the hunting process of their work in a similar style. Cover letter, resume, interview, letter Thanks, negotiating was not only the same style, it was the style the company was looking for. In fact, in this way, recruited companies can make such a wonderful outlook.

What does it mean to have "the best story"?

Let's define a "story". The best stories, basically, for employers, you mean "what you need". A great story evolves from a well thought out job hunting system where all parts of the "campaign" are closely aligned. Thoughts, logic, research, and practice are necessary. This is what you constantly appear in something and everything you write or say.

It takes time and ideas to create a great story. Now I know to put together a cover letter and my resume is as enjoyable as the root canal. But it helps to organize all the important facts and accomplishments. In this way you can really concentrate on current career search criteria. This will give you confidence, make you feel proud, and help you to create your story.

You need to display an employment manager that has a great story. So in the screening process, you need to act together, explicitly indicate what you are looking for, what your skills are, what your maximum achievement is, and whether you can solve your problem. All this must be done within 30 seconds.

There was a guy who asked for advice from "experts" and felt like shouting "just throw me away."
Let me introduce a breakthrough system that almost guarantees the safety of employment.

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