Benefits of Eating Seafood For Good Heath


Today, I will talk about eating seafood. What are the merits of eating seafood? If you live in a coastal area, you can only taste great seafood in the past. In modern transportation, you can almost taste fresh seafood from anywhere in the world. What are the merits of eating seafood now?

The most important advantage is that seafood contains essential oil. Seafood oil is very healthy as it contains omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that brings great nutritional benefits to our body. Because seafood contains many nutrients, it is one of the best foods naturally. If you eat seafood three times a week you will really gain health. For example in Japan it is known that citizens eat seafood a lot. As a result, citizens live a long and healthy life.

What are the merits of eating seafood now? The main benefit is essential oils. Indeed, dietary supplements such as Omega 3 contain seafood oil such as Omega 3.

Oils derived from marine products such as Omega 3 prevent or reduce the risk of heart diseases, heart diseases, cancer, hypertension and other diseases.

Oil of seafood also has elements that help lower blood pressure to help those suffering from high blood pressure. Oil content of fish and shellfish assists calcium absorption of bone so that bone will not become brittle, it also helps to prevent osteoporosis.

Eating seafood also helps to lose weight. This seafood contains oil which does not contain fat, it is natural and healthy. Seafood is one of healthy natural foods

When eating seafood such as fish it is important to eat it freshly. This is because fish and shellfish like fish, for example, can decay very quickly. The best is to eat it on the day you buy it. But if you do not eat it on the same day, please leave your seafood in the freezer.

If you are defrosting fish, please leave it in the freezer or keep it in cold water. If you leave the fish on the sink, you may lose nutritional value.

There are also many ways to cook seafood. Steamed, fried and grilled. Keep healthy and do not forget to eat seafood regularly

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