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All statistics of type 2 diabetes are referring to one thing – fashionable. This is an important reason to understand the details of this disease. We strongly encourage people to learn what many people are not aware of.

Scientists began an attempt to explore the roots and methods of diabetes at the early 1980's. At that time, there was an idea confirmed by time and research. Diabetes is rooted in our diet and can be completely avoided. Many things have changed since the early stages of the research. There are some clear facts that can tell the world about the cause of diabetes.

The most commonly known risk factor for diabetes is weight. It is known worldwide that obesity necessarily leads to diabetes. For your health, slimming is important. If you want to avoid this disease, that is your top priority. Even if you have extra weight, it will help you get in good shape. The "fat and fit" generation, which is mainly composed of experts between 25 and 45 years old, is statistically healthier than those who simply overweight. Unfortunately, even those who do not lose weight after continuing exercise are not sufficient, as they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Another well-known fact is that the possibility of diabetes increases when you eat sugar and processed goods. The whole industry was based on that fact. Many new products were declared as sweet as sugar, but they were sugar-free. In a sense it is a great solution for those who need to avoid sugar or reduce sugar consumption. However, as with anything in this life, there is a price to pay. The risk of sugar is well known, but there is no danger of products replacing sugar. Using synthetic sweeteners for foods reduces the chances of diabetes, but is at risk of many other diseases.

All of their most important facts may be the least known. Sugar is a clear risk factor for diabetes, but meat is never discussed. Several studies conducted over the years have proved a direct link between diabetes and meat consumption. The treated fish is the most dangerous type of animal protein there, and processed meat is almost equally dangerous. This fact is not known in general, but in online quick search it leads to a thesis written with this theme.

One of the other consequences of these studies is that processed fish is extremely dangerous to our health, but raw fresh fish, preferably cooked, will reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes Has been proved.

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