Be Aware of Your Eating and Drinking Habits


"This is the essential first step to get what you want, it is to decide what you want." – Ben Stein

"Most people improve or remodel in their own lives When trying to get the actual results you want, life to the rest people "- Scott Martineau

Have you ever noticed your diet?

Do you know the custom of your food and drinking?

How many kinds of meals do you eat each day?

Do you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables?

Do you eat vegetables?

Do you eat healthy fat?

Do you eat too much bread, pasta, or rice?

Do you eat sophisticated food and food?

Are you preparing meals yourself at home?

It does not matter whether you are cooking or not. Actually you can prepare a nice meal in less than 10 minutes with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts etc.

Do you prefer preparing meals? Do you want to check the label? Do you know what you eat?

Do you know what to order when eating, what is most appropriate and what to avoid?

Please entertain you in the mini part of your favorite dish. (You can add exercise today or tomorrow for 30 minutes at any time.)

Do you eat small pieces, big pieces? Are you aware of how much you eat and what you eat?

I have a wonderful idea: Today, we start writing magazines.

There is no better habit than writing everything you eat.

In the evening, you can check what you eat, what to avoid, what to change, yourself. After all, you have not written anything.

Write down everything you eat. Write down the quantity.

Do not forget to eat snacks and mini-meals during the meal. Write down all the items you eat. All bytes are counted.

Do you know drinks?

Let's make a note of drinking habits.

What do you drink, how much do you drink?

Are you drinking enough mineral water?

Are there too many refreshing drinks?

Do not drink much coffee or tea?

Do not drink alcohol too much?

Are you drinking too much sweet drink?

No, I am not your mother, I am a mind. I hope that you do not mind getting many questions.

It is much easier to know which improvement is needed, as all things are written.

Remove the most destructive food and drinks in your healthy nutrition plan.

At one time you can replace one habit, a destructive habit with a support habit that supports our best weight management.

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