Anima Woman of Henrik Ibsen's Puppet Museum


In the play in 1879 when the theater was played, A Doll & # 39; s House named Henrik Ibsen of Norway as the perpetrator of the scandal. In the debate on the rights of women shaking worldwide, Ibsen faced a protest storm against a woman leaving her husband at the end of the play, especially from the patriarchal church. As there is no prior knowledge of Johnson's anima and Animas' theory, Ibsen began as a woman of anima trying to establish an ideal woman of her husband Taurvalo, finally rejecting this person and seeking self-actualization


In Article 1 of the law, Noahermer secretly eats macaroon and loses fear of reprisals against her husband Toabardo eating sweets. Listening to the return from shopping, "Is it my little pasture? Is it my little squirrel? Is my little garbage wasting money anymore? In three short pages of the script, the reader is Nora There is a sweet outer layer of Nora's dark condemnation that is only slightly on the surface of his words

Nora as Loyal Ariadne

Nova is a faithful Alliedade

Faithful Ariadne as Nova

Paternal arrangement based on the need of Torvald to control his own wife and his own image.The school day, Mrs. Christine Linde will visit Nora. In the conversation, I can fill the gap of the news of 10 years, which explains Torvald's fatigue and illness, Nora came from her dad, where Nora needs a period of recovery in Italy Tubaldo recovered and came back to Norway so he received a promise of a safe future for the promotion and family for the bank.This situation also occurred in spite of the recovery of Troubad , But his debt was borrowed a lot of money from a secretly reputable lender to his wife rather than to the dying dad afterwards his recovery

Tangled Web

act People's life is intertwined by II Nora suggests to help the widow Mrs. Linde by informing her husband about her friend's accounting skills She is a secret safe of Nora Helmer With the withdrawal of Nils Krogstad, this cheating leads to a truly intertwined web, but it is a necessary test for Nora and Tarbald's anima When he was fired, Torvald Krogstad will inform Torvald a letter telling the balance of the loan and the letter will be left in the box as it is.Nora and Torvald are on holiday Christine and Krogstad meet and reveal the previous love affair.

Torvald's control

In Act III, Torvald and Nora work independently. But her lucky guides her to provide Krogstad the safety of marriage, he accepts her offer. He calls her "an attractive and charming little lover" … all my beauty, all of myself … more fascinating … I will be with you I love you, my dear wife. As you may be threatened by some major dangers there is the possibility to endanger the blood and all of my life for you. When he reads a letter that reveals Nora's loan dilemma, his words soon will be "miserable creatures, hypocrites, liars, criminals, ugly ugliness, religion, moral and duty … ". Happy … I ruined my future. I have to fall into such a miserable depth for women who are not thoughtful! Torvald's anima is seeking all the images I know as a woman. Aphrodite, beautiful Ariadne, faithful Persephone, obliged Pygmalion's Galatea, a woman he created. She is all women in their unconscious, he can shape and control her.

Anima Projection

After refusing the accusation, he calmly says to Nora: Before … you still remain in my house but I will not allow you to raise children, I dare not trust them to you … from this moment Happiness is not a problem; to save relics, fragments, appearances – "suddenly the door bell rings … Nora's letter that Torvald claims to read for the first time has arrived, rescuing Nora and Torvald from embarrassment , It is the news of Krogstad that put her bond back.The Torvald does not allow his wife to not "understand how to act on your own responsibility" We insist on relying on him to help and guidance. He will have wide wings to evacuate his "scary little song birds" and will protect her like a pigeon of hunting. Nora wears his clothes while wearing clothes …

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