American healthier past


In the near future
will the future life expectancy of men diminish? On average, today's people live longer than 100 years ago
. The average life expectancy of women was 87 in 2000.
It was 80 years for men.

In the history of the recent
humans live longer than today, what is the average quality of these lives? I am not attempting to cry, but it is devastated by chronic diseases
Do you rely on prescription drugs? And what about our
elders who have a stroke, are suffering from osteoporosis and have to put in a care facility?

Certainly, this is not the will of God for mankind. Let us journey back in time in the early 1900 's
. My father, born in 1898, grew up in the 1900s
. The average life expectancy (47 years)
was shorter than today, but people were not plagued by chronic degenerative diseases that afflict today's society

The proportion of contagious diseases of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and other modern civilizations in the 1900s was unknown. Also, a comfortable gadget such as a video game, a 24-hour TV, a cell
phone, a web surfing, etc. was not known

Cardiovascular disease was only 15% who died in America
America at the end of the century. Today, it is responsible for over 50%
. Mortality from cancer was about 3%. Today
cancer accounts for approximately 25% of the nationals.

There were only about 8,000 cars in the United States in 1900. Today
cities of average size have their double amount. Average of two or three car owners
The average citizen who lived in 1900
was pretty walking. This has been translated into far more
active lifestyle than we are experiencing today.

When my father was growing up, there was no labor saving household goods
. Electric washing machine, gasoline driven
Snowplowers and lawn mowers, and electric doors are still in the future.
Normal labor was far more physical in 1900 than today. This
is directly related to the deterioration of our health today. The machine
is doing everything for us.

Research shows that active lifestyle (movement)
reduces the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases that hit mankind today
. In the near future, the expectation of American life expectation
may be sluggish. Medical
Authorities say that if the bloated obesity epidemic
does not cope with some of the young people soon it will live with shorter survival rates than parents

Another factor that preceded the chronic illness of the 1900 's
was nutrition. You may find it difficult to believe, but in fact it ate more nutritious food. At the time of disposal of
today, there was no sophisticated amount of food

There was no fast-food restaurant offering highly processed
food. White Castle will appear in 1921, but White Castle will appear 27 years ago when competing McDonald's appears (19459002).
Later, the family ate fresh meals to the farmers cooked in families with high nutritional value. The meals of these
are consistent with the natural meat and poultry grazed in the open land of
. Vegetables and fruits were fresh on the farm.

Today, our meat is grown at the factory and is completely shot with antibiotics and growth hormone
. Our vegetables and fruits are in line with the pesticide and herbicide of
. Fish are not escaping human dangerous chemicals
. They are filled with mercury and PCB.

Lifestyle and eating habits filled with processed food of
in addition to
to the toxin in the air we breathe and the water to drink penetrate and collusion to bring out the atmosphere of

Chronic diseases breed. Technology has really eased our lives
. But it also brought a curse. This is a double-edged sword

Yes, the average life expectancy of men is over 1900 years. However, technology
is trying to reverse that trend. Many Americans have a long, miserable life for degenerative diseases
. Our seniors are housed in prisoners in nursing homes that can not care about themselves
. Others have been captured by drugs
to alleviate the symptoms of the disease rather than attack the cause of the disease
. Unfortunately, American health
paradigm is a cure. Prevention & # 39;

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