African Lion – The Legend of the Tsavo Man Eaters


Especially in a story based movie, I guess Tsubo who is doing a sensational and dramatic performance quite a lot.

"Tsavo" has been translated into "Slaughter of Place" but this is really named if truly appropriate. Lieutenant John Paterson who was building a railroad bridge in Tsavo River (Kenya) in 1898, Tsavo Lions who hunted extensive wildlife extensively, and two Tsubo who killed over 130 Indian workers · Lion

For 9 months, the Tsubako Lion built a bomas (a fence made from branches of spiny trees) to keep the lion away from the camp and worked at the bridge even though it burned the fire at night We hunted people. Attacks were mainly done at the night for the Lion to enter the tent, to drag the unhappy victim and then massacre near him.

Stop on the bridge when all the workers fled with fear. Lieutenant Col John Patterson shot the first lion on December 9, 1898 after many attempts and shot the second lion three weeks later. The unmanned lion measured the length 3 m from the nose to the tip of the tail. After the lion was shot and killed, the crew returned to the bridge and completed the project.

Why did these lions become people who eat humans?

Theory 1: The lack of tsavo lions' proved that they have something wrong: No, in fact Kenya is known for its ruthless lions Can be genetic. One of the theories for the starving of these lions is a phenomenal fever in the summer season. The rich man in this fever may significantly hinder the activity of hunting. The main reason why a lion has a nail is to defend his neck in the fight with other male lions

Theory 2: Tsavo lion was killed for joy: No, A movie scene where many people were killed by one person, the lion will leave to take and eat the victims. The main instinct of wild animals is for survival. Lions may kill existing enemies by killing enemies such as hyena and fighting with residents' men with pride.

Theory 3: Due to lack of food, the lion prey on humans: It is possible. In the 1890s, in sub-Saharan Africa, rinderpest (illness) killed millions of buffalo, zebra, gazelle and other wild animals, food is still limited, and workers easily provide food was doing.

Theory 4: Lion attacking humans: It is possible. One of the lions has a broken molar and it is said that an abscess has occurred beneath it. That means that it is painful for a lion to eat severe skin and meat of wildlife such as buffalo. As well as the second lion, he would have been hunting with an abscessing lion.

Theory 5: Uninstalled bodies and shallow tombs attracted the lion. Possible. A railroad worker who died may have been buried in a shallow tomb or may not have been buried at all. It will clean for a simple meal and probably target the living person to attract the lion.

Like most predators, a lion is an opportunistic creature and frequently crosses the Tsavo River in this area if there are combinations of factors. It is easy to imagine the above scenario to come and visit. Until today, there are cases where lions are calling humans in places where humans and predators live nearby. In Tanzania, the lion that most human beings eat is a healthy animal that lives in the vicinity of animals such as goats and ducks and livestock, which are easy prey for lions. And while the lion is hunting, the incident will inevitably occur, adding local farmers to protect crops from ruining animals at night.

Another theory, hunting humans teaches behavior The problem will continue until pride goes away. The interesting thing is that the human table will never return to the same place for two consecutive days. Lions in Tanzania were known to penetrate the mud wall of the hut, go through the roof to the victims, and keep them away.

At the end, humans and Lions overlap in everyday life and are bound by this type of incident

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