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Your daughter in her early teens told me he wanted a girls heales, but you do not know what they are. Healy is a shoe like a sneaker and there is a twist. They have wheels embedded in easily removable shoes backsoles.

Heelys covers the early teens of the average age from 9 to 10 years old and the way to "skate" them is to transfer their weight to their heels. This is called "heel". They can also walk on shoes, but unless you remove the wheels, walking is not very comfortable.
Is Heelys dangerous?

At first sight, the wheel in the shoe sounds like a disaster recipe, so you may think that girls' Healies are not safe. However, the wheels are only on the heel that is not on the top or toe portion of the shoe. This, in particular, if you helped you learn the best way to use their Heelys,.

In addition, Heelys is less dangerous than skateboarding and scooters, but children are children and accidents happen. There are ways that you can help keep your child safe when they are wearing Heelys. Typically speaking, Heelys for girls is a bit more secure than boys because girls are less likely to become demons like boys, so of course there is the possibility of injuries being rolling.

Ensure that accidents do not occur
If you decide to make your first half of teens happy and purchase two Healies for girls, how many things you can do to ensure her safety There is. First of all, she probably will not "heal" the exercise. You need to be with her when you put it on for the first time. In addition, you need to confirm that she has a helmet, elbow pad, knee pad, wrist guard. This is what the manufacturer recommends despite the fact that many children watch the heels without any protection. One of the reasons many children and guardians ignore safety devices is that Heelys looks harmless. In other words, they look like fashionable sneakers.

Surprising foot when healing
After purchasing Heelys for girls, you will want to see if your daughter understands how to work. This is because if you stagger both feet, she will never fall even if your feet are together. This practice as if you learned to ride a skateboard, but as time goes by, she can grab it and swing supine with little problem.

Noticed that wealthy people are prohibited in certain areas
At present, heels are stopped in many public places. If a child appears in a Heelys pair, you need to remove the wheel. In many places prohibiting Heelys, there are schools, museums, libraries, halls and so on. If your child is wearing a pair of Heelys, we recommend you remove the wheels before entering the appointment.

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