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"MRI showed no damage to ligaments or soft tissues," said Dr. Kana. "That's good news, but he showed a stress fracture where the upper and lower leg bones meet close to his knee, it's the kind of thing an MRI can detect, but X-rays do not."

I collapsed in the vinyl-covered chair, relieved to know that my 14-year-old son would not need surgery on his knee. . The orthopedist had explained his snowboard injury as a healing process of 6-8 weeks. He said: "With these adolescent athletes, like their son, no more therapy is needed, they heal so fast that, while avoiding any painful activity on the track, they are ready for their encounters." In addition, the x-ray showed open growth plates, so it will heal in a very short time. "

As we left the orthopedic clinic, we talked about the good news about his knee. Then I added, "And do you understand what the doctor meant about your growth plates being open?"

David shook his head.

"That means that while they are open, you will continue to make yourself taller."

David straightened his posture and burst into a smile.

Later in the evening, the issue of open growth plates came up again, and I started: "Well, at least you can still grow." Because mine are closed, I can not be taller. "

David replied:" You can have them reopened! "

Growth plates in growing bodies look like these dark and unknown parts deep within us, but their role in our development has a lot to do with the height we will eventually have." The soul is not so different. We can not see it, and no medical examination can show it, but it's deep inside our hearts, and just like those growth plates, the condition of the soul has a tremendous impact on the person we grow up in.

It's true that the growth plates are open for a season of life, and then they close forever.Despite David's idea of ​​"reopening" them, it can not be done.On the other hand, the soul is always open. young or old we are, the soul can …

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