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Holly says that most men cook out of necessity, to relax or simply to command the grill. Sometimes, they do not know exactly what to fix, which will make a meal nutritious and delicious. Holly partnered with the men's health specialist, Dr. Curtis Chastain. Dr. Chastain contributed his knowledge of the prevention of common men's health problems, such as heart attacks, diabetes and cancer, before they began. He says: "Healthy food has a bad reputation for being hard to prepare and not very appetizing." In this book, we want our kids to see that health and healthy eating can go hand in hand. "

Together they created recipes for men using everyday ingredients, utensils and flavors. "All books on men's health are about muscle building or diet," says Holly. "I've always treated well-being from the inside out." The cookbook is not just about cooking on the grill, but has the reputation of being the place where man cooks. Men's health month is June, so Holly felt it was a great time to help men get away from the grill and expand their culinary skills in the kitchen. "The recipes go beyond health," she says. "We created chapters based on the busy man or even the outdoor expert."

Holly will show the following dishes that help the following:

  1. Arthritis / Joint Pain: Pecan Salmon, page 96
  2. Cancer: Bruschetta Tomato, page 109
  3. Obesity / Diabetes: Pita Nachos fleshy , page 67
  4. Fatigue: Peanut Butter Mix, page 8
  5. Outdoor Cooking: Margherita Pizza Shrimp, page 171
  6. Heart Disease: Chicken Lettuce Wrappers, page 30 * will show on the set [19659011] Most recipes are diabetic friendly, so the cookbook could help diabetics. "Everyone should practice the same balanced and healthy lifestyle that is required for diabetics," says Holly. "Whole foods that are moderate sugar, healthy fat and portion control are ideal for everyone."

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