7 Healthy Tips For Your Kids Lunchbox!


When packing a child’s lunch box, please look inside. What is the ratio of health foods to junk foods with many options of foods that gave you a small one? While your child goes to school, it is important to eat a variety of healthy foods and snacks. However, sometimes it is difficult to come up with a new idea for the lunch box.

There are 7 tips to help your child’s lunchbox:

1. Keep it healthy – Please put various health foods in the lunch box. Put a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and try various spreads such as rap and bread rolls using whole grain bread or multigrain pan. Add protein fillers such as meat and fish, and add dairy products.

2. Make fun things – Put fruits in transparent zip up bags and write notes and joke before children. By doing this, you can open the lunch box and check the memorized notes everyday. Cut out various forms of sandwiches (quarter, circle, smiley face).

3. Juice, water, like ham and tomato sandwiches, fruit salad, vegetable sticks (carrots, cucumbers), homemade muffins, cheese and crackers, rich in fruits and vegetables, colorful and healthy.

4. Eat easily – they cut fruit for your child so they can easily eat. Watermelon (cut into cubes), apples (quarter tree), kiwi fruit (circle), oranges (one quarter, or peel off the skin with a round motion to form a long orange snake, Until they are ready to eat, they then pull out the skin to eat the oranges and the skin is in the snake ring – fun for the kids!)

5. DUNK & DIP! Cut the cucumber, carrot, or celery into small rods and put cherry tomato. Then put all the vegetables in the container. Please put a dip like Homs or cheese in the middle of the container. As fun for children, they can dunk their food to dip.

6. Just other than cheese and crackers – When packing cheese and crackers as an option for snacks, choose cheeses that you can cut yourself, not packaged in advance. This way you can choose healthy cheese options or add ons. Using the container at home, cut the cheese, put cherry tomatoes, cucumbers (round) and crackers. Then, the kids are increasing cheese and crackers.

7. Take out the junk! If you put junk food in your child’s lunch box, there is a high possibility not to eat! Therefore, please do not inconvenience, please exchange for health food such as fruit, vegetable stick, yoghurt, cheese, healthy muse river.

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