7 Foods To Avoid To Stay Young


What is food related to young people? Why are we talking about dieting? Because you are what you eat. Beauty and youth are natural reflections of health and welfare, and health is very related to what we eat. please look. Regardless of how well you control your mood, attitude, and way of thinking, you need to eat properly to keep you healthy. There is no doubt or argument about it.

In most of us, meal is one of the most fruitful in our daily life. It is the main source of pleasure. Instead eating is often one of our favorite hobbies. Therefore, we need to learn how to eat correctly for healthy and young living.

The everyday foods that should be avoided that could damage our health when taken too much are as follows. In most cases, I use the word health rather than young.

1. Dairy products

Ingesting too much may lead to heart problems. Dairy products form mucus and it is difficult to digest. If they are having a meal, you may take a salad. Please look at your consumption.

2. Processed Food

Storing too much processed food is harmful to our health. First, it contains hidden sugar, salt, flavor enhancer, food conditioner, other additives that contribute to health problems. Second, add harmful preservatives to lengthen the food to "fresh". Third, since processing has taken most nutrients from nutritious foods, even good foods before canning are not nutritious!

3. Genetically modified food (GMO)

Genetic engineering is a fundamental new technology that decomposes basic genetic barriers between human beings, animals, and plants as well as between species, in an unnatural way. One good reason to worry is that foods made in these laboratories do not have a good safety record for human consumption. However, there is no way to tell specifically whether potatoes, soybeans, maize, tomatoes, etc. are genetically modified in practice, because they are allowed to sell without a label in conventional supermarkets. The only way to avoid these GMO foods is to eat organic food if possible and purchase. If you plan to produce your own food and produce it, please purchase only organic seeds!

4. Refined food

White powder, white rice, white sugar are all sophisticated foods. They are made by removing grains and sticks of all natural nutrients: fibers, vitamins, minerals give a clean white color. They are often depleted and treated "dead" food that contributes to constipation and other digestive and health problems. As they virtually repel all nutrients, most sophisticated foods are required to enrich and enhance synthetic vitamins and minerals. But keep in mind that our bodies can not handle chemical nutrients.

5. Hydrogenation / Partial Hydrogenation

Hydrogenation is a process of artificially converting natural liquid oil (vegetable oil) to a solid state at room temperature, such as margarine, nut butter, biscuits, cookies, powdered drinks etc. Harmful trans fatty acids are made from this hydrogenation process and cause clots, heart problems, cancer and other degenerative diseases. Avoid reading labels or hydrogenated ones. And do not be misled by the label "partially hydrogenated oil". Partially hydrogenated oil is worse than fully hydrogenated oil!

6. Microwave Foods

According to a research paper published by Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel and a professor at the University of Lausanne, food cooked in microwave oven may have higher health risk than food cooked in a conventional manner . The microwave oven collapses and changes the molecular structure of the food by the process of radiation. When cooked in a microwave oven, the causative substance of cancer is generated, and the food nutritional value drops sharply.

7. Meat

Eating meat itself is unhealthy. Human digestive system research shows that it was not designed to eat meat from the beginning. Certain meat such as beef takes about 72 hours to completely digest. Therefore, when eating meat everyday, while eating it again, you will digest the food you ate for breakfast the other day.

vegetarian diet is good because it eliminates the problem of dyspepsia due to inappropriate food binding, often leading to fermentation and spoilage in the stomach. More importantly, the nutrients necessary to activate and supplement the cells are destroyed during the decay and fermentation process. This is one of the reasons today that many people are actually older than they actually are. This diet cycle results in early aging and disease as a result.

In order to lead a young and healthy life, we want to minimize the intake of food – dairy products, processing, refining, microwave and GM foods, hardened oils and meat. Please substitute meat with a healthy substitute like tofu. Make your daily a vegetable. Let's make the meat a garnish rather than the main course! For health and youth, please choose fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds!

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