7-Day Meal Plan For Professional Soccer Players


To do professional football, you need a great commitment for both fitness training and spiritual training. But the same is to be said to eat with food commitment. How you eat depends on your performance in and out of the soccer field.

The following is a special cuisine for football for a week. For professional football players


  • Breakfast: 1 cup of chocolate milk, breakfast cereals, banana powder.

      Lunch: spaghetti, potato and tomato and beef fillet, fruit salad
    • snack:

      • tuesday
          • dinner: vegetable soup , Omelette, rice, apple pie

        • Breakfast: 1 chocolate milk powder, toast bread with olive oil and tomatoes, orange juice
        • lunch: lentils beans, bread crumbfillet with mushrooms, Sugar-filled yoghurt
        • snacks: peanut butter sandwich and fruit juice
        • dinner: salad, french fries and salad, strawberries with cream and sugar

        Wednesday 19659002]

        • ] Breakfast: 1 cup of chocolate milk, butter and ham and toast, fruit juice.
        • Lunch: vegetables and rice, potato roast steak with lettuce and yoghurt with sugar added.
        • Afternoon snacks: cheese sandwiches and orange juice
        • dinner: mixed vegetables with ham and peas, chicken with lettuce and corn, yogurt.

          • Breakfast: Chocolate milk powder, biscuit with butter and jam, orange juice
          • Lunch: beans, fried potatoes with lettuce and tomatoes, Honey pineapple
          • ] snack: ham sandwich
          • dinner: vegetables with sugar, grilled shrimp and plain yogurt


          • Breakfast: ] 1 chocolate milk powder, bread containing olive oil and tomato, fruit salad
          • Lunch: salad from vegetable garden, rice cake with cacao ink, custard.
          • snacks: cottage cheese with honey and banana
          • Dinner: noodle soup roasted potatoes and 2 kiwi baked noodle soups

                • Breakfast: 1 Yogurt cereal, homemade biscuits, fresh orange juice
                • Lunch: pasta, bacon steak with la tomato and corn, 2 tangerines. Snacks: Dinner: Vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and sugar and sugar and yogurt,

                    • fresh tomato and fruit juice and Serrano Ham and sandwiches.

                    • Breakfast: 1 cup of chocolate milk, croissant with jam, fresh orange juice
                    • Lunch: fried eggplant, roasted chicken with mixed salad, apple with cheese
                    • afternoon snack: Egg omelette (preferably york)
                    • Dinner: spinach soup, roasted tomato and natural yoghurt sugar-filled cream

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