5 Tips for Children-friendly Healthy Lunch Ideas


Ensuring that our children eat healthy foods is exactly a national obsession, and like most parents, your children consume enough energy And

there are some truly remarkable reasons for allowing our children to eat healthily. Here are two of the most important.

1. Studies have shown that children who eat healthy lunch have more motivation at school and basically get better. This is what we want for our children. And it is wonderful for parents to have the power to easily achieve this!

2. Obesity in childhood is a problem in North America, 5 million young people aged 6-17 are clinically obese. By introducing your child early to a healthy diet, you are giving them in a healthy life!

Of course there are many other reasons I do not enumerate. I think you are already convinced of the value of providing healthy food and snacks for your family if you are reading this!

What are the tips for providing healthy meal options to your children?

1. First, lie around the house and keep a healthy snack. Children have natural habits and if they do not have healthy snacks they will infiltrate non-healthy alternatives. In fact, since I am cleaning the cupboards and trying to remove unhealthy snacks, the children can not see them and they are not tempted to "give" at the moment they are stressed.

* There are several tips on healthy snacks:

– Humus and vegetable sticks
– Salsa and fried with salsa to make a nice snack or dip for the toasted Pita triangle Mix beans
Low fat farm dressing
– Sliced ​​sweet and sweet vegetables like carrots and red peppers

These can all be made quickly and easily and stored in the refrigerator when needed I can.

2. Another important healthy eating habits idea is to make foods that your children are easy to eat and can make easily. You are a very busy person, so please do not stretch yourself too much. Many quick and easy options are available.

* Easy Tip: Rap is simple, kids love them. Please add some new ingredients like this. My favorite is tofu, peanut butter, snow peace wrap, turkey breast meat, mozzarella, cucumber, avocado, alfalfa sprouts are enveloped. Mixing both ingredients, the kids will try out new ones. Please change peanut butter to cashew nut or almond butter.

3. Please prepare as soon as possible. If you return home from work, you will not make 100% effort to eat a child or prepare most of the food in the morning. So, pay attention enough and choose the time you can prepare a few days ago. Things like sauce and dip are kept for a while, so what would you do if you wanted to get your cooking mojo? It is a great indicator of what type of lunch to make when you can cook. If you really have a free time for something on the only weekend, choose something complicated and choose something that requires most of the first things in extra preparations in the morning .

* Top Hint: A good tip for after-school meals Many meals can be frozen. It is always a good idea to cook large casserole, soup, stew and put it in the bag next week. In the case of school lunch, prepare ingredients several days before. Cooked chicken and turkey breasts are maintained for 3-4 days. Also, you can flood like a ranch dressing 3-4 days ago. Tuna is also preserved, but please keep sealed as refrigerator smells.

4. If possible, please make sure your child is involved in a healthy dietary process. If your child does not like sweet things (it is illegal, sometimes it happens!), Please look at a flavorful lunch instead. I would like to introduce your child to the new type of food and food experiences. This is a fun process for everyone. Choosing something that they really can not stand is like hitting a brick wall every meal time.

5. A good tip for kids to start a new food experience is to use partial controls. Mix a small amount of new food with things you like and slowly introduce various foods like this. Remember that your little guy does not like everything, I am sure you are the same! For example, please add avocado and celery to mayonnaise of tuna.

A wonderful healthy lunch idea that you love can be easily found if you follow these rules: keep it simple and do not stretch yourself, a small person Gaining input, you will soon be a family full of healthy food!

Healthy Eating Tips

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