5 Reasons to Start Strength Training with Your Children Today


What is safer for children? Waiting for weightlifting or watching TV? Some children claim that they are safe for watching television because there is a danger of injuries because children are not moving. However, research has shown that intensity training can provide short-term and long-term positive effects when conducted under qualified supervision and proper sized training equipment. Let's assume that children engaged in force training in a supervised environment, getting into inference and equipped with properly sized equipment.

1) Reduce the risk of injury when playing sports. As a weekend warrior, doing sports without doing anything relatively child, if you try to make a real effort without proper muscle development and coordination, the chances of a child being injured more and more It increases. Strength training helps children develop their coordination and develop muscles that grow. Strength training can also improve the performance of sports that can lead to more activities from children other than sports.

2) Increase bone density. I heard that we all grew up to drink your milk for a tough bone, but powerful training does the same thing. Strength training adds stress to the bones, increasing the density of the bones to react the body, making the muscles harder and less fragile.

3) Better body composition. We all know that there are serious obesity problems in today's world. Too easy food and not moving enough. A good way to fight this is physical fitness training. Strength training = Increases muscle that helps burn calories even when exercise itself is done. Despite the fact that children may not have the best meals, the muscles they develop help to keep their children healthy.

4) Self esteem. As a parent, you always want your child to not be depressed and want a positive view on life. Reasons 1 and 3 above are a good starting point for a self-respecting life. People who do not want to become the fastest class children and the best jumpers in the basketball league

5) Foster good habits. In the end, what should we change in the future to get closer to those who move this world? Teach children the best through appropriate food, actively thinking, and energetic work set them for success in their lives. This can all be achieved by strength training. In order to recover properly from increasing your weight, a balanced diet is needed. In order to advance to lift heavier weight, you need to actively think and need to succeed. And finally, when you work diligently, I will tell the children that good things will come.

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