5 healthy cereals for children


Many of the most popular cereals for children are extremely high in sugar content. Indeed, among the grain of children, when tested by weight, it turned out to be 56% sugar. When interviewed with CBS news, health expert Dr. Andrew Weil points out that most of breakfast cereals for children are found at a much higher sugar content than an acceptable rate. It is best for your child to add a small amount of sugar and fruits to healthy cereals. This will help you to acquire better habits in the future. So, what is a good grain to buy for your child?

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is 100% whole grain, meaning it is rich in vitamins and fillings. Whole grain is a complex carbohydrate. In other words, rather than baking quickly like a sweet cereal, it will give the child a type of energy that lasts all day. To make them more eaten, try adding fresh fruits, nuts, or hay (eg raisins).

2. Cheerios

Cheerios' average serving contains only 1 g sugar and 2 grams of fiber. It also contains 16 grams of whole grain. One of the biggest features of the cereal is that one servant provides nearly half of the amount of fiber needed per day. Honey Nuts Celios is rich in whole grain oats to give your child a rich energy and fiber. It contains 9 g of sugar. This is higher than Cheerios and other cereals. Still, the sugar content here is a much safer level than most of the popular child brands. These grains, regardless of the presence or absence of milk, make a big snack for young children.

3. Kix

Kix contains 3 g of sugar, 3 g of fiber and 8 g of whole corn. It also contains about half of the daily amount of iron. Iron plays an important role in keeping your children lively and giving them a strong immune system.

4. Life

Using 18 g of whole grain oat flour as a basic ingredient, using only 6 g of sugar, Life cereal is ideal for children. It provides 45% of the body's daily fiber requirement. However, this cereal does not provide as much fiber as some of the other grains on this list.

5. Marbled mini wheat occlusal size

marbled mini wheat is always favorite for many children. It contains only 12 g of sugar and provides 6 g of fiber. The sugar content is slightly higher than some healthy cereals, but it provides 49 g whole wheat flour in a single dose. In addition, it is a wonderful source of iron that provides 90% of the body's daily need with a single meal. Because of this high nutritional value it is not surprising that it gets a very high reputation in consumer reports. Due to the lower sugar content, you can always try to unzip various cereals for children.

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