4 wonderful ways to provide chicken milk with type 2 diabetes and a healthy diet


Protein is a special molecule that helps cells function. They are often referred to as the basic building blocks of our bodies. It is essential for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to ingest enough protein every day for your diet.

  • Stabilize blood glucose levels
  • Maintain as high a metabolic rate as possible
  • restore the production of erythrocytes that raise oxygen levels in the blood and necrosis of muscle tissue
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  • Sadly, many people with type 2 diabetes can not eat enough protein. Chicken is one of the best protein sources there, but many of us are quick and bored. That is why we share four wonderful ways to provide chicken that will never leave you tired and are looking for alternative meal ideas. Most of it is not a healthy choice.

    Please try these …

    1. Chicken skewers. Just skewing chicken makes it a different taste. Try skewing them with some pineapple pieces, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.

    Please polish chicken with any type of dressing and then grill for several minutes. You will have a tasty light meal in a few minutes.

    2. Chicken wrap. Another delicious way to serve chicken is lap style. The beautiful thing about rap helps to increase the serving of vegetables just by increasing the amount of vegetables on the rap.

    Rap is another advantage because it has less carbohydrates than bread.

    3. Chicken soup. Chicken soup is the next one in the list of ways you provide chicken not growing tired. The great thing about soup is that it is a large amount of food and you can eat it pretty much without accumulating too much calories.

    Put the vegetables you want in the soup and add rice and wheat pasta.

    4. Chicken meatloaf. Finally, please do not overlook chicken breasts. The crushed chicken breasts are as healthy as ordinary chicken breasts and offer an optional world. For example, chicken meatloaf is much healthier than traditional meatloaf, it is a delicious change from normal chest to pace.

    Please add shredded vegetables to chicken meatloaf so as not to dry too much.

    There is no longer any reason why you are tired of chicken as you see. Please take a look at what creativity and what you can think of.

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