4 tips to stop breast-feeding infants


Benefits of breastfeeding are numerous and include establishing bonds between mothers and infants.

Due to various factors, most women may consider pausing breastfeeding as infants reach 2 years

Infants from breast milk

Maintain consistency

If you decide to delete nursing sessions one at a time (preferably we recommend you delete the day session and start it), make sure the session is consistent. This helps to control complications such as clogged ducts and painful mammary hyperemia. Your infant will also transition smoothly from breast milk to other food sources.


Please do not stop breastfeeding at once. But do it gradually so that your body can adapt to the milk production process. Sudden weaning can cause severe complications such as mastitis when a stuffy duct is infected. Also, as we begin weaning from young children, we will continue to commit.

In most cases, when your infant feels like you feel the taste, reach your chest. This may be very embarrassing if he decides to withdraw your chest into the public. To avoid such embarrassment and to achieve the goal of weaning from young children, consider wearing clothes that you do not have access to. Garments that young children can easily access your breasts may slow down the process of stopping breast-feeding infants. Therefore, consider wearing difficult access clothes that will make your infant difficult to access your chest.

In particular, if you want to sleep an infant at night, take her dad to the photograph. In most cases, infants have a habit of being nursed before going to bed. You can substitute nursing by providing warm tea at night and your partner sleeps your infant sleeping. Your infant protests for a few days, then he will get used to it.

Stopping an infant from lactation is a headache of many moms.

In order to smoothly wean the young child from breast milk, once you start the process, keep consistency and observe it gradually. Let your partner involved

Best of all for you and your infant to change into a new lifetime without combining through breast milk

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