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Have you ever heard the word "clean meal" as it was going round for a while? From everything from a clean food blog to a clean food magazine you can find everything. The question that I question a lot is "What is clean food?"

To me, eating cleanly is not only related to eating it, it is related to changes in lifestyle, It is not a prompt response to meals and hope.

Many of the authors of clean eating and bloggers may have different views and opinions, but the principle of clean eating is the same. The four hints you can use to incorporate a clean meal in your life are:

1. Processed foods

Perhaps the basic principle of a clean diet is to remove processed and pre-packaged foods and drinks from your life. Whether you want to eat clean food is to improve your health, health and weight loss, it is essential to throw away processed foods and drinks.

The reason for this is that giving a clean diet means eating from a maternity table. In other words, it does not consume artificial colors, taste, preservatives, emulsifiers, enhancers, and other additives. This can be just good for your health as well as for your weight loss efforts.

2. Local food

As mentioned earlier, clean eating means to eat more fresh food, which means minimizing processed foods. So how about agricultural chemicals? Purchasing organic agriculture is not affordable for anyone, but in general choices other than organic pesticides are cultivated with pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals, many of which are responsible for hormonal dislocation. Below is a list of the most violently blown fruits and vegetables, so if you can buy these organic items, that's nothing.

apple, celery, cherry, tomato, cucumber, grape, pepper, peach, potato, spinach, strawberry, pepper or capuchicum.

Let's incorporate such food into a clean eating recipe.

I always grow locally and encourage it to be a season. The reason for this is that you do not have to come from the other side of the world, so the province will be more fresh. In addition, we actually mean to eat in the season. For example, apples do not grow throughout the year, so they are coming from a distant land and know how long it is kept. It was said that some of the apples you bought may have something up to 12 months.

As a result, the nutritional value of these items will be significantly lower. So, why do you pay something if you do not enjoy the full benefit? If you try to eat cleanly, there are also right things.

Therefore, cultivating locally and purchasing in the season is always the best, you can buy organic items.

3. Portion size

It is a healthier alternative to eat less meal more frequently throughout the day compared with the old standard of three meals a day.

When you spend time between meals, energy peaks and troughs occur due to blood glucose fluctuations. Also, if you are trying to lose weight, it is shown to slow your metabolism. This can also cause people to eat bad food and cause hyperphagia.

It is actually very easy to eat less meals 4-6 times throughout the day. Please plan and prepare what your healthy meals are and bring them with you. You will not be tempted to pamper bad food and drinks.

4. Simplified

Have you noticed how large some components are in packaged food? Yes, that is ridiculous. In most cases, it is unknown what these ingredients are anyway because it is as if you knew the meaning of that code, even a large number of words you can not pronounce, just a code.

Why have you ever wondered if there are no ingredient lists in orange? It is correct, it has more than 4000 phytonutrients (phytonutrients) but there is no ingredient list yet. So what do you say about so-called processed foods? It also includes "natural health" food on that list. Smaller components are better.

Clean food does not have to be a chore, but in reality it is very simple. If you eat primarily raw food and drinks, that is what you are aiming for, not to mention your weight loss mention, your body has wonders.

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