3 Must Have Essential Oils to Calm Your Pet


I love animals because they emanate happiness, innocence and unconditional love attitude towards their people. Our pets are happy as being part of our home as much as we are with us.

But sometimes animals "come out" in our lives sometimes.

There is a fear of irrational rain and for his life never leaves the toilet during the rain shower. Or cats hidden for hours when a friend came. Or what about dogs with attachment issues that you destroy the house while at work? My cat Sammy and Max love to go to our screened patio.

However, as the trash box moves, they will lose their lives!

It may be crazy to us, however whatever terrors and creepy behaviors of your animals are, they are totally justifiable.

They react very well to essential oils as the senses of animals increase. Wild animals eat certain plants and heal themselves. In prisoners (our house), plant kingdoms are not readily available.

The three best essential oils to calm your pet are:


Using essential oils in your pet Rome

Peace & Calming® [Blend of Young Living]

These essential oils are used for trauma / abuse, depression, illness, movement to a veterinarian office, another family pet When applying essential oils to animals, such as sorrow / loss of garbage bags, and other situations that cause great stress on your animals such as garbage picking bags, always make sure that animals are very sensitive to essential oils It is necessary to remember.

It is also best to dilute essential oils with animal olive oil and other carrier oils. I recommend one part essential oil to 1 part of carrier oil for all animals except cats. Cat dilution ratio is essential oil for 10 parts of carrier oil 1 part

The essential oils described in this article are safe for dogs and horses; cats It is another story! Cats are very sensitive to essential oils, including phenols such as oregano and thyme. Cats can not metabolize phenol effectively because there is no enzyme digesting phenol in the liver. Avoid your cat with Peace & Calming® essential oil blends. Phenol contains phenol. Lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils are safe for cats.

How to apply essential oils to dogs, horses, and cats:

Calm for dogs:

Peace & Calming® essential oil plus a drop of carrier oil. Rub this mixture with a comb through your dog's pad, ear, or fur.

For a calm horse:

Mix one drop of carrier oil into lavender, roman chamomile, peace & camming essential oil. Rub this mixture into the band of muzzle, ear or cornet of your horse.

In the case of a restful cat:

Mix one drop of carrier oil in lavender or Roman chamomile essential oil. Rub this mixture with your cat pad, ear or comb fur. Please apply whenever your cat is under stress.

By the way, the essential oil of this article is also effective to ease your concern! It is not necessary to dilute to humans. Apply 1 drop or 2 drops behind your wrist, shoulder, or ear.

Then open the lavender essential oil and share it with animal friends! They thank you.

© 2008 Christa McCourt

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