3 Health and well-being activities for nursing home for the elderly


When choosing a nursing home or an assisted residence for a loved one, it is necessary to consider all aspects that the facility must provide. Clearly, it is important that your home is clean and comfortable. Staff with sufficient qualities are available 24 hours a day, please ensure the safety and health of relatives. However, many families do not consider what type of supplementary services are offered at elderly care facilities, especially for leisure activities. Dusk of your loved one should be spent rest and relaxation, but it is equally important that the elderly act physically and mentally actively in order to promote health and well-being. In most facilities, some social or entertainment program is offered, but the following three activities have been found to be helpful in promoting the emotional well-being of the residents of the nursing home.

1. Dance Away Depression

Doctors have long known the relationship between physical health and mental health. Simply put, engaging in some kind of physical activity can greatly enhance your mood even if it is a low-impact movement like yoga or dance! By engaging in physical activity, we produce more serotonin, a chemical substance that is responsible for our satisfaction and stability. In addition, engaging in enjoyable exercise further increases the likelihood of enhancing the body's serotonin production. Serotonin is a place where dance enters. Seniors with high athletic ability can slowly move with slow plague when working on swing and salsa steps.

2. Let's get the poems

Many elderly people have deep affection for literature and poetry. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly popular as a treatment tool for use in a supported living facility. Nursing-home nursing home patients, especially those suffering from dementia, respond very well to poetry facilitation programs. Creative writings not only help to engage the brain in a low bets way with no wrong answers but also help to improve imaginary recollections, recitation of poetry enhances memory. Such a program is usually a collaborative process with strong social elements that residents interact with each other at a deeper and more meaningful level. Most importantly, at the end of the session, the patient has a specific art creation to take with them. A beautiful poem that can be proud of what they helped.

3. Family festival

It is too common to be together when you live in a nursing home. The environment is essentially coordinated so that occasional interruption to the regular schedule is a welcome change. Seasonal activities such as dressing a Christmas tree and sculpting a pumpkin for Halloween can help residents celebrate time. Many seasonal events are great opportunities for family visits, such as hosting Easter egg hunts for the grandchildren of the inhabitants.

Ideally, the nursing home will provide a variety of attractive recreational activities for residents to participate in addition to daily entertainment. Board games, cards, access to multimedia and so on. Attention: Health and happiness are not mutually exclusive. It is important to adopt a holistic approach to elderly care that incorporates physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation.

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