18 Types of Metaphors


The first very obvious question – what is the metaphor of this metaphor? Another name? Well … Yes and no. It's wonderful, but it's effective. Charged with energy. Stuffed with genius. According to the definition, the metaphor is a word suggesting similarity together with two completely different words or phrases. Messed up? What kind of example is there?

All the stages of the world

Yes, Shakespeare. He compares the world with the stage. You generally do not regard the world as a stage. You see it as … the world, the earth, the mother. It is not a stage. That's why it's a metaphor. Because it collects two completely irrelevant ones, it makes no sense to that.

It was easy. But there is no peace, here the roller coaster begins. (I think you will not enjoy it now.)

1. Expansion or stretching metaphor or metaphor

When your figurative insight develops, you can not bind to a single metaphor. Like

All the worlds are stages, men and women are simply athletes.

This extended function – "men and women are just players" has made this an expanded metaphor. The author expanded "the world" and "the stage" by introducing "world" (male and female) and part of "stage" (athlete). Of course, that does not make sense. You can not extend it by comparing men and women to iPod. Unpleasant sound? accurately.

2. Metonim

When you are desperately searching for words closely related to it that you are tired of various words and are not used to death, that word is Metonim. A new word replacing the old word. Of course, it is an example. A pen is stronger than a sword. This word itself became clumsy, but thought was originally different. Here, the pen represents a sword for freedom of expression and power. Now, when you are told, freedom is bigger than force, no one has said WOW. That's why the pen and the sword replace freedom and power.

3. Some mixed figures

Some of us can not produce a good metaphor. Such a distortion-free metaphor is called a mixed metaphor.

A wave of emotion punctured my heart.

Can waves pierce? They are doing in a meaningless world, but most of us are still normal, but we can not tolerate nonsense, and such nonsense is named a mild metaphor.

For information – metaphor: permitted mixed metaphors and unforgiven mixed mixed metaphors.

Acceptable mixed metaphors mean, even though the parts are not directly related.

Many storms blew up with iron 's will.

There is no relationship between the weathering of the storm and the will of the iron, but I think it is still correct

4. Absolute metaphor

Complete metaphor showing madness and confusion.

She broke the sad part

In today's eerie world, it absolutely dominates. In an absolute metaphor, in fact, truly, sincerely, the metaphor makes no sense.

There are two types of absolute metaphor: Paralogical and antimetaphor


Implied Metaphors

Implied metaphor is an indirect metaphor in which implication to the whole is made.

I will close your trap.

He is tightening his wings.

There is no bird or mouth, a trap. Yes, it is implied

6. A metaphor of death

The metaphor of death has been used too much, as they lost their personality.

The face of the mountain

The crown of glory

The metaphor of death is mainly used as a phrase and is not used as a metaphor. Their group died. Well, their names still remain, but that is just a phrase. Take off your hat. It's time to mourn!

7. A metaphor of dormancy

Did not the teacher say that he would eat bad words? This is also here. When the meaning of metaphor is obscured because the sentence has been abbreviated, it is called a metaphor of dormancy.

He was on fire. (If you want it)

She flew towards her uncle. (Why?)

They blew up her. (Why?)

It makes sense, but it does not itself produce a whole picture. Why are you biting words? Dormant, yes, they are asleep. Dormant state. But still alive.

8. Synecdoche metaphor

The name looks horrible, but it's rather simple. In the synecdoche metaphor, part of the association is used instead of the object. For example, claws instead of feathers or crabs instead of birds. These coalitions are a symbol of the whole

Her legs tipped like awesome feathers

9. Root metaphor

Root metaphor is thus named.

Time is money

Make hay while the sun shines


10. Active metaphors

Active metaphors were born, so you need to introduce them to the world. They are not familiar to readers.

love in the blink of an eye

They confused each other's life

A new metaphor never before wrote is an active metaphor.

11. Submerged Metaphor

In a submerged metaphor, the first part of the metaphor or medium is implied. Example: ambition of a winged dream or leg.

12. A metaphor of death

It should have been named a standing up from a dead metaphor, or a metaphor of a mummy. When you take out the dead metaphor from the grave and use it in your sentence it is dead because it can not be called. I do not know what George Orwell had thought when making that name.

hay needle

Achilles tendon

different ball game

13. Conceptual metaphor

This is difficult, so please read slowly. Conceptual metaphors have many figurative implications on them. Their underlying meaning creates innovative thoughts and universal concepts. Life as a trip is an old conceptual metaphor. This metaphor has a universal appeal. It is not about talking about specific situations and people.

If you look at life as a journey you can use many other metaphors

My life just stopped

I reached the intersection

I came [19659002]

14. Life is a journey, a conceptual metaphor.

14. Pataphor

Patapha is a metaphor that extends extremely to the extent that meaning does not hold. They are normally used to attract attention and introduce new ones.

He took a break in fear and accelerated his anger and hit the house

15. Simple or tight metaphor

With a simple metaphor, you do not have to do much. Just cool it. Other than that it will not be calm. (19659002) Duck (bow) down.

He is mad (crazy). He is angry.

You are a dinosaur (huge).

Usually, simple metaphor is very short. Only two or three words.


See your tongue

Here, "trap" and "tongue" mean "trap" and "tongue"

used instead of mouth and words [19659002] 17. Compounds or loose-metaphor

The metaphor of a compound is made up of multiple similarities.

He ran towards the murderer.

Air is the fear of fear and fear of abandonment

18. Complex metaphor

In a complex metaphor, there is a simple metaphor and an accomplice (not a crime).

Here, "throw" is used for "light" which itself does not exist

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