15 secrets that a successful woman knows


Women are amazing! They are plentiful, decisive, complex, resilient and caring. They can quit pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, grief, husband development, career women, and household operations (housework, invoice payment, activity coordinator, sexy vixen, hostess etc). Look, feel comfortable and learn how women can succeed at a wonderful time.

Let's spend your time. You need to spend time on yourself to live the best life in your life. You need the time to take care of yourself, the time to rest, the time to grow, and the time of the other 14 things on this list!

It is surrounded by successful people who admire. You have heard the word "dress for the work you want and dress for your work". This is the same principle. Being around the people you admire is like a crash course on how you want your life. And often these people will help you find shortcuts to your dream life.

Network. Positive networking is to meet lots of new people every week, find out what you can do, and if possible do it. (See "Frogs and Prince: Secrets of Positive Networking" Rezac, Thomson & Hallgren, 2003). This will allow you to expand the network and access people and services that you think are needed somewhere. People will know what you are, what you offer, and many people will want to help you. You do not have to ask too often.

Develop a powerful social support system. Women are so busy that they can forget to call friends, family, and neighbors. But it is important to have someone who is there for you when your life has happened in your life. – When someone is sick, accident, emergency child rearing, hospital ride, shoulder cry is needed. Instead, you are there in an emergency. But it's much easier to request these benefits when you are maintaining and maintaining relationships, not when you were ignoring them because you were too busy.

Get rid of poisonous people in your life. Many women do not want to escape any relationship, even if that is bad. We are caretakers and we think that we can solve it, or we are afraid of hurting someone's feelings. However, some relationships are not worth the effort. Does anyone who criticizes you (in a constructive way, not constructive) know? Do you have a friend / family to excrete you whenever you are talking about what you are seeing? Do you relate to people who hinder your quest for success? You must cut off these relationships or at least loosen them. If the relationship with you is very important, please let the person know the effect you are holding. These adverse effects are ignored and changed. However, please do not waste precious time and energy to toxic people. I am growing too!

Ask for assistance as needed (even if not). Are you ready to hear a secret? You do not need to do everything. That is correct. You do not have to be in 100 places at once with a super woman, you can run unstably from sunrise to bedtime. Can you do it all by yourself? Maybe. Can you do it and be happy? No, I do not think so. Are you taking care of yourself? When your family returns home from work or school, can you be relaxed and happy? Do you see and feel your best? Please note this good advice that a successful woman knows.

Join the team including coaches, mentors, massage therapists, cleaning staff and so on. Yes, you deserve your own "assistant" team to help you with your life.

I spend time with my girlfriend. Who will have time, ask yourself? Do you think you can not? Women need to speak with other women. We can talk to each other so that we can not talk to partners, mothers or children. We all know that a friend who can talk about what we know exactly what we know is necessary and that the information will not disappear any more. We need to make it Communist Party to laugh at what men are willing to talk. We need a safe place to talk about our fats, old enthusiasts, our favorite new designers – these same topics will tell about where the audience will be fascinated. You may always be at home.

Eat well. Your mother always told you – you are what you ate! Well, you may not be a French fry, but if you treat it cleanly, your body will certainly handle you better. It helps to maintain the healthy weight and to provide the necessary energy to spend a busy day. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink at least 8 cups of water a day, away from junk food, fried foods, processed foods and watch over your part. A big hint is to provide meals for small dishes. Sometimes we eat until the plate is empty, whether we need it or not. Do not deny the food you love. Just …

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