14 reasons why dieting is bad for your health


1. The lower the calories you eat per day, the harder you get the daily requirements of protein and vitamins.

2. Diet is believed to be hungry and it is the best way to store energy, so start to conserve fat.

3. Reducing your weight means digesting your body's tissues instead of meals. Unfortunately, the diet does not tell the body what parts to digest or save.

4. A severe diet causes muscle loss, and in the unfortunate case loss from your heart can have serious consequences.

5. Dieting makes it difficult to live with you and your family may want to kill you.

6. Diet changes the chemistry of your body, one effect may be bad breath.

7. If you are a smoker, you may smoke further to blunt the suffering of hunger.

8. Binge eating, generally very inappropriate food, often after a diet.

9. Dieting sticks to food.

10. When you eat a meal, often followed by a pleasant meal, followed by guilt, poor pride, despair.

11. Diet cooks food as compensation and reward. This is what we call "eating". It is because there is a place where food is used to cheer us and we have the right to eat a lot of sweets and cakes somehow because it is raining.

12. Diet lowers the basal metabolic rate. In other words, you can live with less food. Therefore, once you return to normal food intake that is already too high, you gain weight more quickly than you did and probably will be heavier than before dieting.

13. Diet does nothing to teach you to eat healthy. A healthy diet does not mean to be hungry.

14. Dieting often causes constipation, which concentrates toxins and carcinogens in the intestine, and they exist for longer periods. Fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on smooth running of the digestive system.

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