12 tips to help breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is the first baby to be born and is considered natural for mothers and newborn babies. However, if there are some problems in breastfeeding your child, there are 12 useful tips that will help you and your child enjoy the special bond between the mother and the child.

1. Please start breastfeeding to your child as soon as possible after childbirth – it is preferable to do it within the first 2 hours

2. Always make sure that you and your baby are in a comfortable position while breastfeeding

3. There is no need to feed babies from both breasts during each breast-feeding, but you can start breasts alternately at each feeding. Let your baby feed on each breast. This will give you milk behind your baby (later milk can be more satisfied for your baby).

4. As long as you do not recognize a special problem, you do not need to know when to feed the baby. Your baby does not need to wake your baby as it informs you whenever you eat. The more food you feed to your baby, the more milk you make.

5. Breast feeding your baby on the night when your baby needs it is as important as daytime diet.

6. Normal breastfeeding usually means that your baby does not need additional body fluids.

7. If breastfeeding is successful, you can meet all your baby's nutritional needs.

8. For breastfeeding breastfeeding requires a different milking operation from baby feeding and should avoid using the bottle until breastfeeding is established as much as possible

. The success of your breastfeeding is related to your healthy food and drink intake. Please eat healthy food and drinks and see your own diet. Please make sure your thirst and hunger are satisfied.

10. Your midwife and / or health visitor will always be pleased with how to overcome breastfeeding problems you may experience.

11. If you go out with a baby at feeding time, please watch a restaurant or a restaurant with a sign of a parent friend. This means that parents welcome their parents to have a baby and make special preparations for breastfeeding mothers.

12. Breastfeeding is not necessarily easy, but practice can overcome difficulties.

Breastfeeding is best for babies, but not necessarily naturally for mothers and children. Both mothers and babies often need perseverance. Millions of women are experiencing problems at breastfeeding, so if there is a problem it is not alone.

There is no need to go alone. Please do not delay your request for help. Hopefully the top 12 breastfeeding tips will help you and breastfeeding happen for both you and your baby.

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