10 Ways to Prevent Preschool Childhood Obesity Through Healthy Eating


As a mother with a young child it is really difficult to find time, money, energy for your child to eat in a healthy way. You have a vision that you stand up in the kitchen quickly and prepare meals, prepare meals, cook, eat, prepare meals of fruits and vegetables, not attractive to anyone when there is little time to wash them I will! So, what is the solution?

1. Planning ahead is the key to a healthy diet. Begin with your weekly shopping list and think about which foods to prepare and consider the ingredients you need. Focus on cooking one meal for the whole family and then adapting it to placing a piece on one side before adding certain ingredients and then making it pure.

2. Quick cooking. Let's save time by trying a variety of ready-made sauces, mixing rice and pasta in addition to chickens and fish for young children.

3. If you are adding spaghetti · borrow needs frozen vegetable mixed bags, please add vegetables to everything. Your child is mixed with all the pasta, cheese and meat not noticing them.

4. Eating often does not have to be expensive. Always buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, frozen and tin. Putting your child's food in a light color bowl or printing with your favorite TV character makes food more interesting.

5. Do not forget to calculate how much you spend on eating out and add all the snacks purchased on the go, such as chocolate chocolates and bars. I guarantee you will spend more than you realize! Please save that money and treat your family all day.

6. Please add more herbs and flavor to your food. Add dried parsley to fish pie and try herbs. Your child can even grow her own herb pot.

7. I plan to eat 3-4 times a day. Remember that research shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is like a cup of spoon, banana, toast, or cereal. Actually it only takes 5 minutes, but something is better than anything else.

8. Eat together whenever possible. When eating together on a table or sofa, your child will encourage you to try new foods while watching you eat it.

9. Take a healthy snack with you. If you go out today, plan your day to take apple and fruit juice and return to meal time to give you enough time to prepare your meal.

10. Depending on their age, once a week your child can see you while washing vegetables or preparing meals when preparing meals.

I will practice three of these ideas in the next two weeks and will challenge you to enjoy various benefits, from improving your child's behavior to tightening the belt!

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