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Who does not want to live healthily? Everyone wants to send a physical and mental healthy life. For a healthy life it can be done in many ways. One of them is our diet. According to experts, the balance is to consume a healthy diet balanced nutritiously. In a nutshell, we can not only eat a variety of foods but also contain many calories, but also rich in nutrients. Here are ten tips you can follow to get healthy food, but still feel good with the tongue.

1. Rich food intake. 40 kinds of nutrients necessary for keeping the body healthy. And only one type of food intake can offer all of this type. Daily food choices should include carbohydrates and grain products, along with foods containing other proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, or other proteins. How much food to eat should depend on the calories required for your body.

2. Consumption of complete cereals, fruits, vegetables. The survey shows that most people do not consume these foods adequately. Did you eat rice or cereal for 6-1 persons if you have grain in the three parts of the type that eat this? Have you eaten food already cooked 2 to 4 fruits and 3 to 5 dishes of vegetables? If you are not enjoying this kind of food before, please give me a chance to taste it from now.

3. Balance weight set. Proper weight for you depends on many factors, including gender, height, age, and genetic makeup. Excessive weight causes blood pressure to rise, causing liver pain, stroke, diabetes, several types of cancer and other diseases. However, too thin a body may cause health problems such as osteoporosis and menstrual imbalance. A very balanced weight affects your health.

4. Eat at Decent size. If you keep the size of your part reasonably, it is easier to eat the food you want in order to keep you healthy. Did you know the cooked recommended foods offered at 3 ounces? One medium fruit, two tablespoons for pasta and four meals before ice cream.

5. Eat on a regular basis. Just by skipping meals, actually hunger control will be lost, even as a result of excessive hunger. If you get hungry, it means to forget the nutrients of your food. Eating snacks during a meal is the only way to help make you hungry, but please do not eat too much.

6. Reduce, do not limit, provide dinner. Most people eat to entertain themselves. If the food is your favorite high fat, salt, sugar, making it feasible is the key. Please confirm the contents during meal and change as necessary. In the case of adults consuming high food in all the foods or all the dairy products, in fact there are too much fat. In order to balance food choices, we create a nutrient list of food labels.

7. Balance your food options each time. Not all foods need be perfect. When eating fat, salt, sugar-rich foods, choose that the best material is low. If you missed these food groups on the 1st, please fix on the next day.

8. I know the difficulty of your diet program. Please improve your diet and first identify what is wrong with your diet. Write down everything you eat in three days, check the list and match these hints. Have you eaten too much butter, sauce, cream or salad? Please lose it completely and please cut your part well. Did you feel that you are not satisfied by eating fruits and vegetables? Otherwise, you may miss important nutrients in the food.

9. Please gradually change. Superfood & # 39; or do not expect to eat healthy meals easily, quickly remove your eating habits all night. The beginning is gradual change, reaching a positive exit, living a diet through health.

10. Remember that food is not a bad habit. Based on a good & # 39; good, please select foods based on your total food pattern. Or if you like food such as bad pie, chocolate, chocolate, ice cream, please do not feel guilty.

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